Custom Fields - Ergonode Transfer

Explanation on how to use the Ergonode Transfer feature to manage Custom Fields.

First, create a proper import or export profile. Depending on the case, you may need one or more import files checked.

Download the and take a look at the files included inside it.


This file can create a new attribute, only necessary if the attribute in which we want to use custom fields does not exist.

This file creates new custom fields in selected attributes.

This file imports images to Ergonode, only necessary if images assigned to the custom field are not yet uploaded to Ergonode.

This file creates/updates the values of selected customer fields.

If a custom field is of type IMAGE value of it MUST be a <folder/file_name.extension>, and a file must already be uploaded to Ergonode. If the image is not uploaded, you must include a multimedia.csv file in the import zip.

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