Widgets are a feature in the PIM Template Designer. They allow you to customize your templates with various elements. Currently, there are three widgets available: “Heading”, “Divider”, and “Note”.

Adding Widgets to the Template

To add widgets to your template, simply drag and drop them from the left side menu into the Designer.


Maximum heading length is 255 chars.

When the “Heading” widget is dragged into the designer, a window called “Heading settings” will appear. Here, you can input the header data in the “Default” input field.

There is also an option to “Enable translations” for translating the heading into languages. This can be done by clicking on the slider labeled “Enable translation”. When clicked, new input fields named “Translation” will appear, with a flag on the left side to indicate the language.

When you have finished setting up the heading, click “Save changes” to confirm. If you wish to discard the changes, click on the “x” icon on the top right part of the window.


The “Divider” is a simple line that you can drag and drop from the left side menu onto the designer. The line will be as long as the divider block in the designer.


Maximum note length is 100k chars.

Notes are visible to all users who have privileges to the Product Catalog.

Notes can be exported / imported with the Ergonode Transfer feature.

When the “Note” widget is dragged into the designer, a new window will appear where you can create, edit, or delete a note.

Notes are RTE-enabled.

You can also enable translation for the note by clicking on the "Enable translation" switch.

Remember to save your changes so your work is not lost. You can do it by clicking the "Save settings" button.

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